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Free from cancer.
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Free from Cancer

How to Understand and Free Oneself from the Fundamental Cause of Cancer,


that provoque this natural reaction

of cellular reproduction !


O. Aimant DAmour

Psychoanalyst, specialist of the Model of the our Being and Univers.


All right reserve for all countrys.



as a model

of our Being and Univers

offer an understanding of Oneself

that permit to Direct Oneself by


toward all Beings forming our Being,

so be over and free of all sickness,

violences, and ultimately of all wars,

and permit to enter in a stable state

of blisfull Love!




How each One can understand

and free Oneself

from the Fundamental Cause of Cancer,


all the death factor,

that cause reactions of survival

by cellular reproduction,

a cause that is constant

and so perpetuate the need of

cellular reproduction

then anarchic and deadly.


" Cancer is an anarchik

cellular reproduction. "


To understand the cause of this phenomenon

We have to ask the right question:

what is the meaning of this phenomenon

that is the cellular reproduction,

and why anarchic?

The reproduction by cellular division

is a natural process, that start as soon as

The first cell is form from the


of the spermatozoïd and the ovula,

to finish with the accomplishment of the embrillon.

After a certain completitudeness of the being,

the cellular division is suspended,

and the baby continue to develop

oneself by nutrition.


The cellular reproduction by division

will be reactivate only in the case

where it is necessary to replace

dead cells,

or to regenerate the zone of the body

that have being hurt or destroy.


I quote Richard N. Keogh

and Paul B. Wersz,

In " Science of Biology "

Mc. Graw Hill, 5 ed. p. 532.

to specifies that all this is well know, and to deduce from this knowledge, some new consequences!.


" Few biological events are as central to life

and as universally characteristic of it as cell division.

It is the only means by which unicellular organisms multiply.

It creates reproductive cells

and transforms them to multicellular adults.

It replace dead cells

and thereby offsets normal wear and tear.

It heals wounds and regenerate body parts lost or destroyed.

And cells division

sometimes goes wild and produces tumors, cancers,

and other abnormal overgrowths.

Indeed, the life histories of organisms well can be describe as changing dynamic between

cell division and cell death. "


Its in the changing dynamic between

living cells and dead cells,

that provoke cells division

as a natural reaction of survival

to replace a constant source of

dead cells

and/or to overcome a continuous source of

dead factors,

that is

the cause of cancer.


all the dead factors,

provoque some survival reactions of the organism,

just as is the reproduction by

cell division,

to try to maintain his life integral.


Its is evident that the cellular reproduction

take part to the reproduction of the individual,

and by there to the survival of the species,

as well to the survival of the individual,

particularly when death factor are in related presence of this organism.

So the cellular reproduction have this specific reaction in face of the death factors, in order to maintain the life of the species and of the individual.

So all death factors

are susceptible to provoke some reaction of survival,

and among them,

the reproduction by cell division,

in the zone where are acting

the death factors.

Thanatos represent all the death factors,

be they real or virtual,

in thinking, in feeling, in emotions and actions,

if all relate to death;

morbid ideas, deadly fear, violence that puts the


in relative danger of death,

consciously or unconsciously.

All this reach and penetrate the being,

and particularly the dead food,

the dead animal

and the dead individual cells

that are eaten.

The animal and vegetable cells are kill by cooking.

Those dead cells are important dead factors;

when they penetrate in the organism,

this one may react to their presence

the same way he react naturally in the presens of

dead cells,

by a reproduction of living cells!

But because of the continuous income of those

dead cells,

the reproduction process is maintain


That cause tumor, abnormal overgrowth that cause an anarchic development in the


that end in the terminal cancer reaction

that is

d e a d

An over-doze of dead cells,

may be interpret by the organism as a

danger of dead!

that add to the naturals motivations to initiate the

cellular reproduction process.


Naturally, when an injury is localise and delimitate,

the reproduction of cells will multiply specifically in that zone, and when the organ or tissue have recover his original form, the cellular division cease naturally,

because the cause is no more active.


But when the death factor are virtual,

unlocalise, like in the stress generate by a strong and a constant fear of death, or when the

death cells

that are to replace, are absorb constantely

in great quantity!

in provenance of kill animals,

and/or of vegetables cells kills by fire,

or when the destruction came from

the radiation emit by the atomic fission,

or by the constant intake of cigarette smoke, etc,

all those dead factor are or non localise, or generalise, and more important, even if localise,

they are habitually habits,

that act as continuous cause

that provoque the survival reaction

of cellular reproduction


in continuation folloing his cause.

This is what make appear that the reproductive cellular process is running wild and anarchic!

The reproductive process of cells,

is perfectly healthy.

What is anarchic is the cause,

the dead factor

that do not stop to provoque

this sane reaction of survival by

cellular reproduction.

Those cells react naturally to those

countimous causes

by a continuous division,

as long as the cause stay active.


To naturally induce the stop

of the reproduction process of those healthy cells,

we have to put a stop

to the cause of this reaction, that is to get clear of Thanatos,

all dead factors,

as the one unifying them all,

and as cause of the reactions of the being

including his organisme counscious and uncounscious,

and more scecifically,


as the cause that provoque somes reaction of Eros,

Eros as God-Governing Principle of the sexuality, and Governor Principle of the sexual reproduction at the level of the individual, and of the reproduction by division at the level of the cells.


To be master of our cellular reproduction, the best way is to direct ourselves by


the Universal Director Principle in each one.

being Love as Director of ourselves,

and letting enter in ourselves only what is Lovely,

in thought, in word, in feelings, in emotions and in action.

This imply to choose an art of living and nourishing oneself, that do not generate suffering,

even to the unity of Life that are different from us.


This way is inscribe in our very basic

Divine Nature,

 and in the first saying of the first God,

 to the human,

"Grow & Multiply.

I give you all fine herbs bearing seeds,

and all savourous fruits

bearing seeds,

as your food. "


This way we commune to the

Living Unity of Love, the cells,

as a model of the One that is All Ones;

that continue to Live in Oneself,

and this way we stay away of

dead food and of the effects of Thanatos.


The best way of healing oneself

and maintaining a perfect health,

have being given by Jesus in a revelation found in the apocrypha writing in the archive of the Vatican

and discover simultaneously in the Essenes scrolls

found in cave near the Dead Sea.

This Essene Gospel of Peace



is translate by Edmond Bordeau-Szekely,

and publish by the International Biogenique Society, (IBS)

Jesus answer to sick peoples that ask him why they are sick and how to stay out of sickness.

Jesus said that it is our Mother Earth that have give us

our body, and if we eat what She give us as it is,

in its living form, we will stay Alive

and in perfect health.

And to purified oneself from all dead food,

strange body in our body, and of all sickness,

we have to fast 7 days,

drinking only pure water,

withdraw in a peaceful area

and cultivate pure thought and feeling,

to be holy in harmony with our true nature that is

originally pure Love.


After this clean up, that decondition us

from the habits of dead food,

to stay in perfect health,

whe have to eat living cellular food,

from fines herbs and fruits,

milk, eggs, honey,

cheez and others bacterial creams.

In order to keep the

individual cells in its living form,

we can eat them fresh, or raw in their dry form,

or we can use the process of juice extraction of fresh fruits and herbs. Cream of living fruits can be made from the blender. By the same way we can make cream of hard vegetable, like roots and cabbages, and heat gently cream at a temperature agreable to the mouth,

to make lucky warm delicious soup.

The cold press process of vegetable also keep

the life of the cells.

By the same cold press process, we can procure a delicious sugar juice that can be gently desidrate,

This, from sugar cane or other sweet vegetables. "Sucanat" and " Le Blonvilliers " are the only raw sugar that I know to be cellularly alive.

The temperature of the field of Life is comprise in the temperature of water in its liquid state.

As water is a major constituent of cells,

so all temperature over 100 degree centigrade

and below 0 degree c. make the cell die.

Chemical process of extracsion of molecules

out of the living cell, kill them also.

The natural way to eat all grain, is to make them germinate, with frequent washing; they can be eaten as living cells as germination! Full dynamic!

Or grinned in paste to form a thin form,

like ostia or tortilla, and dry at a

living temperature,

to form living bread.

The same grain can be saw and the young herbs

can be gathered to eat in salads or extract juice of fine herbs, agreements by living sugar and dilute in water.

Herbs can be gently dry,

put in powder and serve as saisonning in salads,

soup and other dishes.

The animal byproduct, like honey, eggs and milk, chees, yougourt, sours cream, are living cells, if not sterilise.


Those animals that give us thoses delight,

should be treate with respect,

as they are

Unity of Love as us.

With this art of living,

we nourish ourselves lovvingly of living cells,

we commune to the body of our Mother Earth,

as a manifestation of the Eternal Love.

That way each one direct oneself by Love,

Quintessence of God Oneself in Oneself,

towards each Unity of Love that form

our individual being, our planetary being

and our total Being so God,

by our Loving respect of the human,

the animal, the cell, the atoma, the particle

and Love that is all.

That way we become in a state of relation

of Love with our Universe,

and with Love Oneself,

the Quintessencial One

that is All.

It is important to understand that each one

have the freedom to be Love or not to be love,

because its by Love that each one must direct oneself to decide, to choose to be Love,


Love Love to be Love by Love,

to regenerate Oneself by Oneself,

in order to Be Eternal Love,

Quintessence of God,

and to Fulfill the Unlimited Space with

his Supreme Blisfulness.


This understanding of the fundamental cause of cancer,


offer a model that correspond to all the facts that concern this deadly sickness.


The fact that cancer is so abundant and widespread;

--in United-State, its the second more important cause of dead after heart disease. The popularity of this sickness correspond to the popularity of Thanatos, as all dead factor, like dead animals and dead cells that are eaten, dangerous chemicals as in pollutants and cigarette smoke, radiation from the killing of the individual atoma.


Certain virus, those "quasi-living" central nucleus of ancian living cells that have being partially destroy, a handicap malfunctioning being, too much destroy to be able to regenerate oneself, that send a signal of distress in order to be help to be restore,

by the natural reaction to restore the cells

that is the cellular division ;

but an impossible task for the cells that are only capable of dividing themselves to replace the dead cells.

So the message:

"save my Life"

continue to be send,

and the reaction of cellular reproduction

continue to be active,

and te effect is not only ineffective but also overcrowding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The reaction of survival by those reproductive cells,

is confirmed by their reaction to the aggressive treatment of the scalpel,

chemotherapy or laser attack!

that they interpret as additional

dead factors,

confirming their right to reproduce

to overcome the

death danger and attact to their life!

So those attact urge them to reproduce to survive!

And more, they may flew in an other zone by the way of blood and lymph, to nidifie in a suspected zone in need of help of survival.

And some time when there is a

massive attact

from those well intended but innapropriate

attempt to eliminated them,

so often the system send the signal to

generalise the urgency to reproduce,

producing the adversary effect of a

generalise cancer and



The dead factor that have provoque the survival reaction of cellular reproduction,

will produce sickness and dead

precisely because of the constancy of the dead factor that continu to provoque this need

to maintain life by this process of cells division.


This program of reparation will end only

when the job is accomplish,

like when a wound is cure

and the original form is restore.

If one stop the intake of dead cells,

and stop to impregante oneself of all others dead factors,

we stop the reaction of cellular reproduction,

and so of cancer.


We have observe that the cancer cells

conserve in their interior a substance

that the others cells of the body

have at their exterior of their membrane,

and that serve to link them together.

Its because the reproductive cells

have to be mobile to go to repair

where its necessary,

and when they have multiply till

the reparation is terminate,

they then eject this linking substance

to unit together and to form a stable natural tissue.

But till they do not have accomplish their mission,

they reproduce and stay mobile.

So till Thanatos is present,

it provok their reproduction

and they do not fix themselves.


The preventive medicine publicise an essential message: to evitate cancer, eat less animal fat-flesh,

and eat more raw vegetables.


This go in the same direction of the principle of

freeing oneself from the limitations of thanatos,

mostly in not absorbing dead cells

from others beings, animals or vegetables,

but to satisfy oneself with the

Loving-living cells,

that are happy to continue to live in our

individual univers,

that is a society of unified cells!

Each one is a model of the Modell of the models,

the Absolute Eternal and Universal


the One that is each One and All

that desire to recognise to be so.



Because Love Love to be Love by Love,

so freely

that explain the possibility of loosing oneself

and the possibility of what make evil,

of the hurting pain, of the nauseous disease.

With Love as Governing-Law-Principle

in oneself to direct divinely oneself

out of all unlovely affair,

all sickness, all suffering, all violanse, all war,

toward a Lovely Universally state of being,

in harmonie with

The Whole Wholly Wholesome One

in oneself.


This Lovely Model of our Univers

permit each One and All of the Univers,

to inter-reliate by Love, in respect of each One,

from the smallest to the greatest,

be one by love with the

partikul, atome, cell, animal, human, planet,

star, and the Univers to The


that is at the origin of All,

The Eternal Unlimited oceant of

Blisfull Love

Unmanifest and Manifest.


Living Lovingly,

because causing no suffering in

the whole Univers,

so with no bad consequences in our one idividual Univers,

and so by Love, being in Love Unity

with the One Univers that is



Love is the Quintessence of All.

" I am the bread of Life!"

form from Living Cells,

said the One that is One with the One that is All Ones

of the One Univers,

Love Oneself,

incarnate in the form of Jesus.

He said also:

" I am the Lamb of God ".

The Eternal Love manifest Oneself in

a growing variety of Models of Oneself,

evolving by a Lovely integration of the smallest Unity

of Love, in the greater Ones,

in order to continue to live in

a new Being-Univers.

The Particuls are integrate in the Atoma,

the Atoma are integrate in the Cells,

the Cells are integrate in the Animals and Humans,

and this integration can be made naturally

without suffering, in accord with the

Universal Principle of Direction that is Love,

in order that all of us can live in harmony

without suffering.

So by directing Oneself by Love

toward all Individuals Being forming our Being,

we live in harmony with the whole Univers,

in perfect health,

and so Free from Cancer.

That means to eat living cells,

that are raw herbs and fresh fruits,

raw milk honey and eggs,

that can be integrate in mayonaise,

cheese and cream of Bacteria like

cream cheese, yogourt and sour cream,

all living Cells that are happy to continue to live in our body, in accord with our Univers that in his quintessence

is Love.


O. Aimant DAmour