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Over AIDS! O! Yes.
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Beyond AIDS

How to live in perfect health,

without need for system of defense,

therefore beyond the AIDS.


O. Aimant DAmour

Psychoanalyst, philosophe, creator.

© 1999

Love Oneself, the Absolute,

as Univers Models,

is a Model Our Being and Universe,

where Amour is the Guiding principle of each one.


in its Most universal meaning,

of Pleasure as Universal Decision maker,

Pleasur felt by all the alive ones,

and Deciding in all the Alive ones,

to consume the pleasures, according to its

Pleasure Universal Decision maker,

and to refuse and or flee the displeasure.

Thus to ensure its survival

and its autonomy of Main Director of Oneself.

Given experimental psychology,

that the pleasure is the principle decision maker

in all the alive ones,

recognized until in the first unicellular beings.

It is the Natural Way which To move by Pleasure.

Self-love which always Decides

for more Aimable for Oneself,

and naturally in the same way towards all,

in measurement dependant if the beings

are not in situation of fight for food,

because to ensure its survival,

the beings go until killing and eating the ones the others,

generating the disorders of innaimables foreign bodies in our body, cells dead being used as ground of culture for microbes

which are the cause of diseases.

How the abundance of delights

of the Life Enjoying the Life, cures us!

To move by the Love Pleasure in Oneself,

it is the natural way to make grow

the Pleasure of the Pleasures of Love,

as well by their culture,

as by the wisdom of Love-Pleasure

which naturally at all,

beckoned to release itself from the sufferings.

Remain to recognize the chart our being,

the plan of the site which we are!



The message of the purAmid

is that the Supreme Value at the Top of the Whole

which is each One,

is in the Center of each One!


Love-pleasure Principle Decision maker of his being,

from his Center to its periphery,

like an indivisible whole, which is each Individual.

It is by leaving free

the Natural Pleasure Directing in all and each one,

To decide what gives Us Plaisir or not,

that one to reenforce the control of Oneself,

by naturally recognizing with Love-Pleasure

the station of Direction of Oneself.

With Love-Pleasure Directing in Oneself,

at the same time as to succeed in carrying out its desires,

naturally to freely choose not to take part

in all that supports the suffering in all its forms.



in its Most supreme meaning,

of Absolute Eternal

Filling the Unlimited Space

with Its Supreme Beatitudinal Energy,

is the Powerful Whole,

in Power of Expressed in an infinity of Others Oneself, Individualitys of Love,

able To move by Love,

Universal Guiding principle in Oneself,

to create a variety of Pleasures of Love,

and to move pleasantly towards all

forming our being,

in order to find itself in perfect health,

beyond the diseases,

without need for system of defense,

therefore to be beyond the



Beyond the AIDS!

"the microbe is nothing!

the ground is all! "

Said the father of experimental medicine,

Claude Bernard

Let us change!

Let us eliminate any ground from culture of microbes,

and we will be beyond the diseases.

One too often needs serious and/or vital, and/or very desirable motivations,

to decide to invest the energy necessary to the change

of our practices which tend to maintain their operation,

just like the turning gyroscope

which resists any variations of its orientation present.

It is an advantage for the advantageous practices,

but a disaster for the disastrous practices!

We have here, on Earth, joins together the two more powerful motivations to change practices with the unhappy consequences,

to survive the death threat of the AIDS,

and to enjoy healthily better and better

the Sexual pleasures of Love.


With each one to benefit from it

to awake with its true identity to be of Love

able to Direct Oneself by Love,

to stay in perfect health, and natural beauty.

By the scientific application of

the Model of Love-Pleasure like Universal guiding principle,

each one is able to decide to move towards all the beings

forming our Being,

the Cells forming our interior being of human individuality,

and in harmony with the Being that We belong,

the Living Earth !

in order to be truly One with the One which is All,

Amour Oneself.

Thus to enjoy completely,

of our perfect operating mode, to create well originally,

to find consciously, and applied freely!

It is enough for us to admit which is these individualities

forming our being, to respect and like like unit of Love.

From the vacuum of demonstration,

but full with an alive incommensurable energy,

the physicists of the particles observe emerging

small linear movements, undulatory and circular,

the ones turning towards the right,

with magnetically emissive center,

like being of Male Love,

and others turning towards the left,

with magnetically receptive center,

like Female entity of Love,

forming the luminous zone of the universe,

Entities of pure spiritualities!

First Manifestation of the Eternal Not-expressed

in his polarities reciprocally gravitational.

And when of these particles link themselves

according to their complementary polarity,

they form all the atoms.

The atoms are individuality

which do not like to be separated from force,

as by atomic fission,

which is the provocation at high speed,

of accidents by interindividual head-on collisions! !

with disastrous consequences!


and subtle radiations around the power stations

supposed clean and secures,

cause changes in the genetic code,

generating babies without sex nor anus!

O! Misery!

That implies an incapacity to reproduce naturally,

and to enjoy divinement.

End and died of its made lines.

Significant emissions of what we do

with these Universe-individual

that are A-toma,

meaning that They do not like to be cut!

These micro models of the One

which is All Ones,

can join freely between them and easily dissociate,

to form the zone of the molecular compounds.

These associations will evolve

until the formation of a new unit

of individual universe,

which is the cell.

This one multiply to form the vegetable kingdom.

Then from these plants will evolve in

a new unit of being-universe,

the animated animal one.

Visible passage for example at starfish,

which transformed its roots into mobile legs,

allowing him moved to go to seek its food.

Then individualities of Love

which were erected upright,

gaining a degree of freedom

moreover by releasing the hands,

forming the naked-hand!

who has great creative capacities,

and who like the animal,

originally evolved by nourishing themself

from individualities of Love

which are theirs former, the vegetable cells,

which can continue to live harmoniously

in this new being-universe,

forming a unified company of cells,

cells which is unified companies of atoms,

atoms which are unified companies of particles,

particles which are pure movement of Cosmic Love!

first visible demonstration of Zone of Love Forming Unit,

directly coming from the Not-expressed, fundamental energy,

from which all that is comes.

Thus to find itself in harmony with our whole universe,

logic way is to be in relationships pleasant to all the groups of individuals forming our Being Universe.

The invisible Eternal appeared in all his forms of Other-Oneself,

and as a One which is all Ones,

all Individualities of Love

which forms our being and Univers,

we can like them and respect their Individuality

which does not like to be to divide,

which makes them die as a unit to be,

with consequences to lose our unit with One which is All,


Love Oneself.

And thus to be completely Harmonizes

with its Whole Being.

To choose to like each One,

like manifestation of the One,

to respect them,

while being Integral Love with Love,

One which is All,

Manifesté in Others Oneself,

which are: Atomic individuality of Love,

Cellular Individuality of Love,

Individuality of Animal Love,

Human Individuality of Love,

Individuality of Love Planet-Ground.

Chaqu' One, Other Models One, Amour, Modèle Universal, Omnipresent Éternel.

This point of view of Model Love of the Universe, is more justifying basically, to include/understand on this high level, the importance too often invisible of our relations with the Others Oneself, because smaller than oneself, or though it is, all Individualitées Manifestation of the Absolute Love, the Not-expressed Eternal, the Invisible One.

To find itself, it is to recognize themselves and become what We are, while being Amour towards Love Oneself, One which is All, and thus which can link All which wish it, in a harmony with our Whole Being!

The Pleasant way to link itself with Individualities of Love Universe, is thus for Us Human, of communier to the Individuals of Love in Cellulaires form, of sweet herbs and believed fruits, milk?uf and honey believed, creams and cheeses of bacteria, which are yoghourt, cream-coloured sour etc.

to nourish itself Pleasantly.

Thus on its way of Life, to make enjoy!

rather than to make suffer.

On this subject, consulted my E-delivers: Fresh shallots!

For strong Shallots! !! "Perfectly Strong Health and Naturally Fine Beauty by the Alive Food.

Seen Love the Eternal.


* amandregiguere@hotmail. COM


When become Which We are, Modèle of Human Love, then with the completely formed body of an Alive Company Unified of Cells, it has there no more ground of culture for the microbes, ground of culture which are the dead Cells absorptive like food, thus our Alive Cells are protected naturally from the foreign bodies.

Microbes, there is in quantity in the environment, one can only not their offer food for them, in our interior, to protect itself some naturally.

The system of defense is an acquisition to try to survive in a mixed interior environment of alive and died zones, where the foreign bodies proliferate. <End of Translation>

A company unified of Cells which live in peace, because in Aimable relation with all forming its Be-Universe, need for system of defense does not have to protect it from abroad.

Quantity of microbes naturally is absorbed, but they will do nothing but pass in Oneself, without remaining there nor there to proliferate, if they do not find there zones for y nidifier and to nourish itself there.

The lamb, which nourishes Aimablement alive vegetable cells, does not have a system of defense, it has naturally virus VIH, a constant of the model in the Aimable way Of living, like certain herbivorous monkeys and fructivores, and they live perfectly without the stress of a system of defense.

To universally find in Pleasant order, towards all, internally like outside, it is to be able to live Aimablement Universally, without need for system of defense and living on the defensive!

Good a one week fast with pure water, will purify and remove the organization from these died grounds, and a communion with Individualities of Alive Love in Cellulaires form, grasses and fruits alive, will restore our Vital Unit, to function as conceived, without defect, nor required armed for surprotéger.

Just like would be to it a company or each one Would move by Love, Plaisir, Naturel Universal Guiding principle of each one, towards each one.

* That Self-love Directs its thoughts, its words and its actions, towards all of Its Be-Universe, to eliminate the limitations from Thanatos, any factors of deaths, psychic, sensory or physical, in order to release in Oneself Eros, God of Sexué Love, for moreover Libres and Enjoying relations Love, Intégralement Pleasant, Universellement Pleasant, accumulating in intensity and beauty, (without decreasing distortions unconscious) to reach unequalled tops of Pleasure!

of union with Amour Oneself, in Oneself, which is Oneself.



That Amour Oneself fills You its Supreme Blisses (!

Sincerely, Am Andre Giguere Author and Creator

amandregiguere@hotmail. COM

(! )(!)(!)(!)(!)(!)(!)(!)(!)(!)(!)(!)(!)