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Perfectly Strong Health with Naturally Fine Beauty
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Naturally Fine Beauty and Perfectly Strong Health

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Aiman DAmour

Naturally Fine Beauty


 Perfectly Strong Health



Aimant DAmour




Fresh shallots

for Strong Shallots!!!


How to remain and/or become

in beautiful form

with perfect and strong health

 while living in harmony

with the original order of the life. 




To be in beautiful and good form

 is sign of good health. 


For a large majority of individuals,

not to have a surplus of weight,

is a desirable obviousness. 

How it is by instinct, feeling,

reason, intuition or other,

desired being in good and beautiful form,

without ungracious greasy surplus

 is not only sign of good health,

but also of erotic attraction! 


You will discover here an art of living

and feeding in harmony with the natural life,

 allowing to reach a really perfect health

and a naturally harmonious form

according to your original structure. 


This art of living in harmony with our

Being Planet-Earth, being more or less lost...

 since the symbolical epoch that Adam and Eve

 were found out

of the zones of the original inter-tropical

 garden of the Planet Earth,

 with fruit and grass shortage...

obliged to survive

to cook to tenderize the too hard roots,

 and thus to destroy the life

 of vegetable and animals cells,

  it is comprehensible that human

 success only to live with a batch of sickness

 and deformations enegandred by all these mixtures of life and death,

that it absorbs to survive.


With dead food,

 empties vitality,

where it is always necessary to eat some more

 to feel satisfied,

 and to tap the little of energy

 of them that it remains about it, it is comprehensible that those which have the means of them,

eat enormously to try to reach an energetic satisfaction,

with like result a surplus of alimants died,

 becoming ground of culture for microbes

and surplus of mass unusefull,

 difficult to eliminate,

especially when the daily contribution

 exceeds the capacity to eliminate

the died cells,

 surplus which results in a clogging of the system

 and a surplus of weight.  


Like this situation to be spread so much, especially in richer zone, more and more of individuals support surpluses

 of which it does not arrive any more

to get rid of.  


These food practices generating plumpness,

 generates with this surpluses,

a great quatity of costly sickness

 in sufferings as well physical as psycologic,

in money and mortality. 


In order to try to decrease the at least psychic and emotive sufferings related to this phenomenon, until now more or less with difficulty of control, a mass culture of certains "bigs" peoples, who would like better than one indicate them like "strongs",

 but these surpluses is not a force,

it is a problem for several,

some thus tries to be made accept like such,

 and try to eliminate the rough words,

 nicknames and prejudices associated

with this misery, but unfortunately

also while trying to put the fault

on the ideal image which one projects

 of the woman « well done »,

  thin, elegant, and which go until

the refinement of the

 supremme smoothness! 

Each one has its health weigth naturalness,

it is the lack and the surpluses which make problems and appear naturally unhealthy.


If this ideal image of the models

 without surplus

is so exposed and required in publicity,

 zone studied to satisfy a great magority,

it is not so much because it is imposed,

but earlier than it likes naturally

 by its inherent erotism,

 associated with beautiful and good form of health! 

Research one shown that the factors

and signs of larger erotic attractions

 are those of good health and youth! 

 It is thus by a health in harmony

 with the life that one renews his youth

 and is maintained in good and beautiful form. 


It is thus unjust to discredit the models universally liked for their attractive beauties

 that are the manequins with the thin body, hurled, fine, without anything surplus,

 and thus naturally erotiqualy desirable

 for the majority of sincere human,

because then to be appears it

 in its stripped original shape of surplus! 

 and really naked when naked! 


Whereas when the original form is wrapped with surplus of pulpit, it seems hidden in permanance its nudity,

and thus sends the sign message

 which can be interpreted like

an indisposition or a refusal to expose itself!  

to enter in erotic relation of love.  


It also appears to me that it is unpleasant

to make feel guilty for their form,

as well to be thin for them

 as the too fatty ones. 

The solution is to offer to each one and all,

 the means of finding a perfect health

 and a natural formal beauty,

 and then the prejudices wounding

 will disappear with any surplus,

 in measurement or each one

 will make the effort to modify

some unfortunate practices,

 to find and/or maintain

 a perfect health

and harmonious form

naturally erotiqually desirable.

This rediscovery of the alive food

 as sees the natural way

 for which the human one is made,

 was brought to the conscience

 thanks to a teaching of Jesus,

who was discovered among the

 apocriphes files of the Vatican

 by Edmond Bordeau-Székely.

 "the Gospel of the Peace of


 and/or the Essenien Gospel,

with the editions

 International Biogenique Sociéty (IBS)


If you desired to receive

this invaluable document,

 requested from 

 Norma Nelson Bordeau-Székely,

  IBS International, POBox 849,

  Nelson,  B.C. Canada V1L 6A5


 Teaching in continuity with the discovery

-independent and synchronous-

of the manuscris Esseniens

around the Dead Sea.


Jesus teaches there how

to release itself

from all diseases,

 while fasting during 7 days with pure water to purify of all strangers bodies, then to maintain a health perfect,

 by nourish themselves of what

 our Mother the Earth gives us,

 such that It gives it to us,

in the form of living sweet herbs

 and tasty fruits,

 without making them suffer the

 dead by fire. 


 "Multiply and Grow. 

  I give you any grass bearing seeds,

 and all fruits for food.  "The first One.


 Thus we nourish ourselves perfectly,

  without producing sufferings,

  neither with the animals,

 neither with the small alive individuals

 that are the vegetable cells,

  and thus nor with oneself. 


It is a communion of Love

 with the flesh our Being Planet-

Earth, manifestation of the Nonmanifest Eternal. 

 One which appeared of each One

and in all that is. 


One is and becomes like

what penetrate in our being;

 one does not doubt that the result

  will be according to what one introduces into a balloon of chemistry;

it is the same for us. 

It is in nourishing oneself with


  that one remains Love. 


Me am quoted sometimes Jesus who said:

« Is not such an amount of what  enters by the mouth which pollutes, but what out of spring. »    Do not mistake, Jesus answered criticisms which reproached with scorn its disciples who piknik on grass, for not having wash the

 hands before eating.   By this comparison of relevance,

It highlighted the mental and emotive pollution of the arogantes words.  

It did not mean that we can eat any thing ! 

Its answer to the patients

in the Gospel of Peace testifies some, and the good direction should guide us so that it is recognized to nourish grasses and fruits is what there is healthier;  what is to teach by all which are serious on the subject, and thus naturally by Jesus, who was worried not only health of the spiritual, the emotional, but also the body,

testifies to them the cures which it practised. 


 Small individualities of Love

  that are the alive cells,

will contribute to form the company of cells unified in an individual who is the human one,

 if you invite them to come to live in your interior by respecting their life. 


 When you eat living cells, only

 smooth sugars come in your

 stomac to rip of the outer skin of the cell, without destroing this being that we are made of. Strong acid come only when you absorb dead cells,

to decompose the complex molecules in smaller parts in order that they be able to be absorb by the membranne of our living cells.


 In order to respect the life of the 

cellular individuals that you invite to continue to live

 in your being-universe,

 it is important to admit that any cellular life is resulting from the union, in balanced of the four states of the matter which precedes it;

luminous, gaseous, liquid and  solid states. 

 This whole of the universe former to the cells will have to be present in the same zone to be able to link themselves in one, and to form a new Unified Univers Being.

  Moreover they will have to be

identified and be linked by their quintessence, with the result that they are One, with the One which is All Ones,

 Absolut Amour Oneself. 


 Thus is born the life. 


The cell being made mainly of water,

  to preserve its vital unit,

 this water must remain in the liquid state, therefore between the temperature of

 0 and 100 centigrade degrees. 

  Beyond, it is the death of the cells. 

  The cooking of the cells is thus the destruction of them,

  to make them die,

  it is to create suffering for them

 and the alive one which introduces death in oneself,

  with many disastrous,

  conscious and unconscious 



Cooking was originally a manner of tenderizing the too hard roots, roots which were with the animals, the rare forms of life available,

 in difficult times and climatic zones,

 as during the winters and in desetic

  and semi-desert zones. 

 These climatic changes were caused by an original difficulty which caused a change of axis of the planette,

  because naturally,

 after its formation by condensation of its masses at the equator, an assembly line girdled the earth, temperate this zone hottest by its height, and with 

all the grounds around the equator

 extending while going down to the tropics;

 perfect moderate climate everywhere! 

 with the less dense zones with the poles,

 forming both oceants.

Thus all the grounds had a climate agreeably moderated, favorable to the cellular life of vegetable, animal and human.


It was the good time of the inter-tropical garden, original paradise where human and animal nourrish themself naturally of grasses and the alive fruits,

 then everywhere in abundance. 


Now that we can create our gardens for a better vital autonomy, and choose the alive alimants in the abundance of the products on the market,

it becomes significant and advantageous to become aware of the original order of this planetterre creation, to function there in harmony with the alive Ones which forms it,

 and thus without sickness nor abusive disordered states deforming our original beauty. 


It is thus with each one to choose by Love

to adapt to this model of operation and

 universally pleasant life. 


Here thus revealed and synthesized the pleasant order of this manifestatation. 


Physicists of particles recognize that from the vacuum of manifestation, full with an invisible higher energy,

 spouts out small mouvemants,

 of which the ones turn on themself towards the right,

with a center of magnetic emissive energy,

 small particles of Love of male polarity,

 and the other small ones unit of mouvements turning towards the left,

with a receptive magnetic center similar to small female particles of Love. 

Their movements appears in the form of beings of lights. 


When these magnetic particles attract each other according to their affinities of magnet-magnetic one turns around the other, and they are linked by their quintessence,

 the magnet of Love! 


They then form a new individual being,

 the atom, unity which does not like to be cut, separated by fission!  


According to the number of female particles unit in the center, it tend to link itself there in periphery, as many male particles, and thus will be formed all the range of the atoms forming our being and the expressed physical universe. 


Each atomic individual can existed alone

and or according to its total polarity masculinely or femininely magnetic, can join and dissociate to form the variety quasi unlimited of the molecular combinations.


The whole of these individuals who are the particles,

 the atoms and their molecular associations appear in the four states of the matter;  luminous, gaseous, liquid and solid, forming the variety of all that exists with this degree of complexity. 


In a zone where these four states coexist,

 as on a tropical beach, will be able to be carried out the unification of this whole

 in a new individual,

the cell. 


The mystery of the birth of this unit of the

vegetable, animal and human life,

 can briefly be eluded here. 

So that a new unit of universe emerges,

it is necessary not only that there is presence of an essence of the whole which is former for him, like a variety of the four states of the elementary beings, but especially, which will make it possible this variety of individuals to unify,

 to be identified same fundamental identity, will be the recognition of their common denominator, which is quintessence to be to them,

 with the result that beyond their diversity,

 they are One, 

A m o u r in its Absolut state.


This new individuality unified in the cell,

 grow and multiply by cellular divisions

to form associations of cells forming the vegetable kingdom. 

This is why we can crunch apple without killing the cells which composes it,

 which does not make whereas to outdistance from each other, to continue to live together in our being-universe.     










Then during the evolution towards manifestations increasingly more satisfactory and rich in possibilities of diversities of variations of pleasure of the existence,

 new individualities appear, always unifying models of the units which precede them. 


A whole of the particles and atoms

linking itself in the cell,

 a family of cells,

which passes from the state of plant,

 to unify in a new individual,

as becomes to it the starfish,

 which will transform its roots into legs,

 allowing mobility;  great degree of freedom gained! 

 allowing the individual to go towards his food.

 According to this order of magnitude,

this new being universe is sufficiently tall to be a being pleasant universe for the beings which it was,

 and which it invites to live in oneself,

and to be oneself! 


 Thus is born the animated animal ones,

 which has also freedom to move by


and thus can remain in pleasant relation with all,

 forming our being the universe,

 because in agreement with Amour,

 the Law of the laws,

 while living and nourishing themselves

 without creating suffering, nor of death,

with any individuals forming Our Univers. 


They are the herbivores and fructivores,

 which makes it possible to the cellular individuals

 to continue to live in their


while enjoying greater possibilities of diversities of plays.


Pleasant participation in the evolution

of individualities of Love

in individualities of Love,

all in One, Amour which includes All

and can Unit each One harmoniously

 and universally. 


Then, certain animals,

while erecting itself upright!  

gained a great degree of freedom moreover by releasing the hands of the naked-hands,

 the Human, becoming thus able to create an infinity

of significant artefacts! 


 According to the Genesis,

 Animals and Human

were created in the same phase-day! 

 We are of same evolutionary phase,

compared to the

1 particles, 2 atoms, 3 cells,

 4 animals and humans.  


The Eternal Unexpressed Fundamental Energy appearing under a series of forms of

Others Oneself,

 Beings of Love, Being-Universe

 in creation in Oneself and around Oneself,

 by being integrated One in Another,

pleasantly in all its phases of Units

 of Its manifestation. 


 Precisely,  these Individuals manifestations

are in the forms of Particles, Atoms, Cells, Animals and Human, Planets, of Stars ... Universe, all within the Eternal Unexpressed Energy,

filling Unlimited space time,

with his fundamental energetic blisfulness,

Absolut Love !

O ! yes. 


The Eternal Unmanifest,

Living Energy necessarily former to the all existence,

 appears in a variety of Other Oneself,

 to Love and to be Love better and better. 


The Eternal Unexpressed

 will be able to continue his evolution towards formations increasingly richer of Pleasures diversified of the existence. 


All the alive Beings on which we depend to live,

 should be respected for our ecological vitality,

 if We wish to continue to evolve there

to enrichment of Kindnesses increasingly

more marvellous. 


Of this pleasant kind of the creative evolution

in all Ones and each One,

 We can recognize clearly the pleasant order of the passage

of smallest Individualities in largest,

 without none suffering from death. 

The Human and Animal Individuals

nourish themself from Cellular Individuals,

those nourish from Atomic Individuals

 and Particuls. 


Such is the pleasant way to live on our Being Planet-Earth,

 that each One can

freely choose

 to follow

if it desire to find itself as in a state of original paradise,

 out of attack of all sickness and sufferings,

 to support its wellbeing of pleasure of unlimited varieties of the Pleasures of the existence,

and thus to favour the beauty of the Life.



O. Aimant DAmour