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Philosophy and Principles of Receipts of Alive Food
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Philosophy and principle of receipts

of Alive Food.


O. Aimant DAmour




I would like to present to you

some principles of receipts of alive food,

so that you can create of them a variety according to your tastes and adventures.


Naturally, what could be simpler than to follow the example of the little children,

to enter in a state of paradise!

while crunching directly in the fresh fruits.

Simple also is to be made salads

strewn with sweet herbs, decorated with apples of Love, the tomato, lubricated with vegetable oil cold press.


The cold pressure is a process which preserves the life of the cells.

The temperatures beyond water in the liquid state, 0 and 100 centigrade degrees, kill the cells, just like the extractions by chemicals.

By cold pressure of the sugar cane,

one obtains a delicious juice, which dehydrated gently, gives an alive and delicious crystalline sugar, which naturally does not cause all the problems of this drug which is the sugar extracted by chemicals.

Sucanat and "Le Blonvilliers"

are the only marks which I know which offer an alive sugar.


A soft heat with ventilation allows the whole of the plants to dried while preserving the cellular life.

It is the means par excellence to preserve grass and fruits with their vitality.


The apparatus to extract the juice from grass and of fresh fruit, also preserve the life of the cells, while allowing to taste the essence of these plants, with delight and without surplus. Ideal for those which want to make a cure health or of slimming, while preserving a good source of natural energy.


The blenders which puts in cream the plants, distancient the cells between them,

while preserving their life.

Except the special blenders at ultra high speed, conceived to break the cells.

The normal blender is a pleasant means to tenderize the plants too coriaces, like the roots and certain cabbages, while making some of the delicious creams, seasoned at the taste.

These apparatuses can thus replaced the destroying cooking of the life, and these creams of cellular individu of Love, can be gently heat until the degree pleasant for the mouth,

and thus to find the agrement of hot soups,

but full with vitality.

With the blender it is also possible to make creams of fruits and raw milk diluted with water, to make of them delicious alive juices.

It can existed of other methods of preparations of the food which concerve the life of the cells, there will undoubtedly exist about it in the future.

With us to make sure that they respect the life of these small individualities of Love, which does not deserve less our Love because they are smaller than us.

When you nourish yourselves from these small individualities of Love, cells, if you wish to benefit at the max, and to make from it + with -, considering that one can nourish his physical being simultaneously, sentimental, mental, spiritual, etc. if you take time to enjoy with attention the beauty of these beings, their flavours, their savours by chewing them well until the liquid state to taste them good, then you reach satisfactions much more complete, and will be satisfied with less than you will have all the more enjoyed them.


While nourishing oneself of the Eternal Source who is the Life, of Love and fresh water,

one finds and maintains good and beautiful essential form.


Speaking quantity, it is well recognized to eat without stuffed, without reaching a complete satiety, to leave the time to these beings which feeds us, to be integrated in us, and to satisfy us without surplus, is an ideal to remain in good health and beautiful form.


For those which feeds from Life,

therefore with plenitude of energy,

the food rate/rhythm that Jesus advises in his message - remained too a long time underground, "the Gospel of Peace",

is to take the principal meal after the day of activity, after the lying one of the sun.

The alive cells are easy to digest,

soft sugars come to stripped the cells from their outside membrane, so that they are integrated into our body. This interior activity is better accomplished when the outside activity is at rest, during the evening and the night.

In the morning, the assimilation of the new cells is accomplished, one is full with their energy.

Then one can rest inside ourself, and pass to the outside activity. He advises to drink an only little hot water to cleaned the interior.

I add to it a little Sucanat TM, sugar natural alive, for the pleasure.

I then I can work all the morning,

even and especially if there is physical effort, with more effectiveness, because there are not a conflict and dissipation of energy between the external and interior activity.

He advises to take a light meal with highest of the sun, midday. I am satisfied with fresh fruit juice, of cheese tasting, small salad, and fruit cream.

Then at the evening, I taste with a good hunger, a good meal, generous salad with mayonnaise with energy sweet herbs, elixir of life and when desired, natural aphrodisiacs, cheese, fruit salad with soft sure cream and fresh fruit juice.

This while contemplating the beauty

of lying of suns.

A marvellous rate/rhythm which I practise since nearly 30 years with great satisfaction.

I advise you to test it; by perceiving some the advantages, you will be able then to choose to adopte it and you to adapt to it.

You will be agreeably surprised wellbeing which results from this harmonious management of energy compared to the interior and external activity.


Here an experimental data confirming the effectiveness of the alive food.

Extensive research was made by companies which produce food for fish of aquarium.

After having tried out various kinds of food,

one recognized the great superiority of the

alive vegetable cells, dried,

as well as regards the energy contribution,

as for its effectiveness; the fish do not leave untouch food, and rejects much less organic waste, meaning a better integration of alive food in their body, and thus preserving their medium much cleaner. And altogether, of the animals in excellent health.


With the alive food,

not only we do not accumulate died cells in our organisme, but also we have needs for much less food to satisfy us.

From where maintains it of essential a good form without surplus.

Moreover, the alive food has this of private individuals who they remain delitely appetizing, meal after meal, even if little variety is introduced in the course of time.

One does not get tired oneself of thoses small living variations, as it is the case with the food died, where after two meals of comparable nature, one hears? "A not! still of that! "

For me, there is certain type of salad of avocado cream, of fruit juice, cream of bananas, which I find always delicious to enjoy, days after days. Goods sure that I like the pleasure of tasting unlimited the variety of these alive treasures, and of profiting from the great diversity from their virtues and properties.

However the phenomenon of be quickly saturated with died food, and to be to oblige of frequently varied, to not feel sick of the repetition, does not exist with alive food.

The life has a dynamism in oneself,

that death does not have.

This also makes it possible to live very well with little of varieties, while following the food of seasons. The alive cells are able to adapt and create molecular associations, like proteins and others, that the organisme needs.

Herbivorous animals vary very less their diet, and remain in excellent health.

This to answer the anxious which believe that by not eating animals - them that eats only grass to have all that they need - we must eat a large variety of plants to satisfy all our needs food. This known as, to ensure that only with the variety of alive food according to the seasons, primarily salads and fruits, we can live very well. Naturally, to have the possibility of enjoying the imposing variety of alive food is a plus and one priceless pleasure.

The original order of the creative evolution functions perfectly when respected in each

Unit of Love.


Before passing to the suggestions of receipts,

I would like to conclude with some advise to achieve this passage harmoniously,

from died food, to alive food.

The best way is to fast a few days to release itself from any death in oneself, dead which acts like a drug, i.e. extracts of mortified cells alive,

with tendency to still want some, because not reaching desired satisfaction?

Then then eating with alive individualities of Love which are the cells.

For the others which feel too much conditioned by their ancestral practices, the passage can spread out while being released of what causes the most suffering with oneself and with the others.

Initially to release from the mortal suffering of our mammalian brothers and sisters,

then birds.

The fish and " fruits " of sea, still offer themself to contribute to this release.

Then after the release of fish, come the release from dead for all alive vegetable cells.

Then you have entered in relation between Universal Love and the Alive one.

Are also alive cells, the raw eegs, raw honey, raw milk, the cultures of unicellular bacteria, the only animal which can continue to live in our being, which form cheeses - not annealings -, yoghourt, sour creams, etc.

The animals are individuality which are to us parents, especially the mammals, and to nourish foods which they initially produce for their offspring and which they can produce for us, pleasantly, if we like them, let us treat them with respect, and let us provide them an ecosystem who agrees to them, without killing them.

With limit, so still in misery, to kill to survive,

we could to avoid their suffering give them small injection by compassion, and to avoid that they discharge from rage and from pain, large quantity of adrenalin, which returns the human one which eats their pulpit, unconsciously prone to easily irritating itself, to be annoyed, distress as vis-a-vis a danger. ..who does not exist; uncounscious cause of many violences and other problems ...

Better, with their natural death, to give them to earth, compost to enrich the vegetable kingdom,

which will nourish us and their offspring.

The vegetaliens which refuses to nourish livestock products, can be understood like a demonstration to make pressure on the stockbreeders of animals, so that they are occupied some with more respect.

To respect the Life,

expressed in the shape of the animals and the vegetable cells,

releases our being of all sufferings.

Sufferings with released, in all the aspects, because the milk of the animals can be polluted of all the products nonnatural that one gives them to eat, especially when one gives to these herbivores, of the remainders of the entrails of other animals.

  • Origin of the bacterium that eat flesh,

coming to eat the flesh

which these herbivores are not designed to eat. *

Here thus some suggestions of principles of receipts to unit with the Life.



To live of Love and fresh water.

The formula of the eternal ones!

"A that which will overcome death,

I will give to eat Tree of Life,

so that it lives Eternally"


1. Juices.

Juice of sugar cane.

Fresh water pure and or agreeably heat,

+ 2 or 3 tea spoons with sugar cane, cold press and gently dehydrated, like the " Sucanat " and "Blonvillers".

To brew a little, for a delicious breuvage to daily enjoy, for energifier the brain, and of pleasure of all the being.

A delight for eternal youth.


Fresh fruit juice, with or without alive sugar.


Juice of the dried fruits, soaked out of pure water, decorated or not with alive sugar.


Juice of grass, of a variety of green smoothnesses, diluted with pur water and softened with alive sugar.


Milk of various nuts, soaked well, often rinsed, peeled, blenderiz, and decorated of alive sugar.

2. Salads.

Simple salad.

To wash the tender sheets well, to drain and shred - or cross to the scissors? in pieces proportional to the size of the mouth.

Y to add sweet herbs and or spices to the taste, then to lubricate of olive oil cold press.

To taste this simplicity, to be agreeably surprised of the deliciosity of this base of the Life.


Salad with apples of Love.

Same preparation of various salads that the simple # 2, with addition of pieces of apples of Love which are tomatos of all varieties, colors and savours. They come to add to it their judicious juice and their specifically delicious tenderness.


Salad of apple of Love to mushrooms.

Even as 2,1. + of the abundant variety of mushrooms in parts, always with seasonings appropriate and lubricated to the taste of each one.


Apple salad of Love to mushrooms with cream of avocado.

To prepare a cream of avocado crushed with the fork or the blender, to add lemon juice to it to preserve the green color and to add their prickly savour to it, amplified with shallots, chives, onions and other finely cut sweet herbs.

To spread liberally on the bed of green sheets, then to strew there apples with Love and mushrooms.


The same pastoral delight accompanied by crunching stopped broccolis.

2,1,4. or 2,1,3.

and other variations on the same topic, with addition of pieces of cheese, yoghourt, sour cream, etc.

while remembering the rule of good taste,

not to do too much mixture of diversities,

in the same dish and meal, in order to be able to recognize the taste of each variety of plants,

and to enjoy their harmonic, without there being confusion of the tastes in the stagnation of a gibelotte immonde, all the more difficult to digest.

To salads is added also finely grated the roots, carrots, beets, turnips, etc.

and other vegetables more or less coriaces, thus tenderized, like celeries, certain cabbages, etc.


With salads can be added germinations of coldly sown grains, who then become fine crusty grass of fresh vitality.


All the leguminous plant grains and broad beans, gain with being sown, being germinated and collected young people, in order to make pass this seed which is programmed to grow and reproduce, in its state of grass with the cells free and ready to come to live in new being-universes.

The not germinated eaten seeds, have tendency to fermented in our body, and to produce gauzes empestant our interior.

All the seeds simply can and advantageously to be sown, and collected in their tender youth, then eaten like such or gently dried and put out of powder of sweet herbs to enrich our salads, and to come to make us enjoy their virtuous qualities. It is the same for all grasses with the desirable properties, of which aphrodisiacs and elixir of lifes.

Here a list of the principal natural aphrodisiacs, their varied properties and power are communicated in a specific e-books: "Afroditnatur presents its natural Aphrodisiacs."

Aphrodisiacs and nutridisiacs are living vegetable Cells that nourrish our sexual system and central neurvous system for an optimum of functionning and favorise our enjoyment.


Damiana, wild thyme, yohimbe, calamus, fo-Ti-tiang, ginseng, liquorice, salsepareille, buchu, hibiscus, hop, gotu-cola, spiruline, and other algae, cubeb, kava-kava, muriapuama, saw palmetto, chocolate, peppermint, borage, vanilla, pollen, melissa, artemise, green tea, saffron, will ephedra, guarana, betel, cola, savory of summer, will burra gokeroo, lupulin, dita, corriande, street, sage, wormwood, gingembre. The red peppers and other spices are it with various degrees.

These powder grasses can be powdered directly on salads, integrated into the avocado creams.

These grasses can be preserved in vegetable oil cold press, in order to preserve itself at it, to diffuse their savours and virtues there, and to be absorbed like oils with salad.

For the powder which has taste coriace, one can capsuled.


The well germinated grains can also be crushed in paste, then formed out of wafers, as twisted it and the original host, then dried gently, naturally with the sun, on stones, of the morning at midday on one side, and midday at the evening on the other side, to form the genuine bread of Life, receipt given by Jesus in his Gospel of Peace, for communion with the living body of our Mother Planet-Earth.


The sweetened desserts can varied with infinite with the combinations of the great fruit diversity present and to come.

Fresh fruits peeled and cut in parts, sprinkled lemon juice, to preserve their proud paces and decorates their savours.

It can be also rolled in alive sugar, to make of them goods candys.

These delights parts can in be creamed with fruits creams, like bananas, to make immediate savour and it lasted in variety of delights.

The fruit creams can vary consistencies by more or less adding pure water, or fruit juice, aromatized spices with the taste, and sweetened life according to whether desired.

Achieved with the hand or the blender.

My fruit cream preferred:

apple mouthfuls of Êve,

in creamed of cream of bananas of Adam,

with canelle and sweetened Life,

for a return in a our state of paradise!



With the fruity desserts,

can join certain spices and adapted sweet herbs, just as with salads can join certain less sweetened fruits, like apples of Love, (tomatos), peppers more or less prickles, acid fruits like lemons and oranges, and others like ground cherries and kiwi, etc.

Dried small fruits, as grapes add the delicious biting one to it.


Fruits dried and soaked out of pure water,

ready agreeably with all these types of desserts. One little in drinking the sugar cane juice of alive fruit, and sugar agan with tenderized sugar fruits of life, which could also come from other plants cold press and dehydrated.


Good candies can be created starting from, aromatized and crushed dried fruits spices and sweet herbs, and sweetened life with the taste. The whole formatted compact, like balls or other mouldings.


Other principles and receipts will be able to be added to this e-book by its update, to grow rich by delights of the earth paradise and in continuous improvement.


P.S. a pleasant side effect of the alive food,

is the absence of drudgery of cookings and cauldrons stuck to scoured.

The crockery is washed easily, and for me, in continuity with the meal, so that I never have crockery room of accumulated to wash.

My interior environment and around is clean, beautiful and always ready ... for the Love?


There are different multiples advantages with this art of living in harmony with the Life,

to remaining in perfect health, and beautiful form, by not accumulating in oneself died cells, ground of culture for microbes, factor of death which can cause reactions of survival of which cellular multiplication, as long time as this death is present, thus producing cancer.

See on this subject, my e-book:

"Free of Cancer.

To understand and release themselves

from the fundamental cause from cancer, Thanatos, any factor of death

causing reactions of survival,

whose cellular reproduction,

continuously anarchistic as its cause "


The marvellous reward of this art of living

in Love with our Being-universe,

is to release Eros in oneself,

of violences and limitations of Thanatos,

any factors of dead which causes in the organisme, more or less conscious reactions of survival, of which that to put to be it in relative urgency of survival of the species by the sexual reproduction. Therefore, release of the instinctive and more or less unconscious impulses of survival, causing impolitenesses towards the other sex, of the abuse and sexual aggressions, violence, of the rape, being able to go until the murder, commits suicide and war.

Voir à ce sujet le livre

" Éros et Thanatos " de Schopenhauer.

Since the presence of died on Earth,

apart from the garden of the original tropical paradise, we are psychosomatiquely conditioned by this one. Any factor of death, as well psychic as physical, is in power to cause reactions of survivals, according to situations of each one.

Thanatos pollutes Eros then, as Divinity of sexual Love in oneself, and then to be it in oneself free any more, because is not forced by the pressures of death, with limited its sexuality to the function of reproduction of others oneself, incarnate as babies, in order to satisfy the instinct of survival of the species.

The mode divinely natural to create others oneself, is achieved by the identification with Amour, continuously, by the central union, Amoureuse and orgasmic, of two complementary beings of Love, forming by union of the couple in one, another oneself, the baby.

From where importance then vital to reserve the sexual intercourse exclusively inside the couple.

Eros, released of Thanatos,

returns free each one to choose the moment to pass to make Love to grow in variety of Pleasure of Love, and the moment to pass to make Love to multiply, by a relation of exclusiveness.

With the pleasure of enjoying the best of Life.


O. Aimant DAmour